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'''Fitz James O'Brien''' (also spelled '''Fitz-James'''; 31 December 1828 – 6 April 1862) was an Irish-American writer and poet often cited as an early writer of science fiction.D. J. McRenyolds, "The Short Fiction of Fitz-James O'Brien" in Frank N. Magill, ed. ''Survey of Science Fiction Literature'', Vol. 4. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Salem Press, 1979. ISBN 0-89356-194-0 (pp. 1944–1947).
Birth date31 December 1828
Birth placeCounty Cork, Ireland|County Cork
Death date{{Death date and age|1862|04|06|1828|12|31|df=yes}}
Death placeCumberland, Maryland
Spouse| children =
Relations| occupation = Writer, Poet, Soldier
Signature| movement = Gothic fiction
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